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3D Mega Fantasy Bundle

Very huge collection of stylized 3D Models made by LowlyPoly. 

There are many more assets that are pending to be released still so it makes hard to calculate the exact amount of unreleased objects!

Stylized Fantasy Collection 
Dwarf Village RTS Buildings
Vampire Buildings RTS Buildings
Dragon Village RTS Buildings
Human Village RTS Buildings
Rome Village RTS Buildings
Orc Village RTS Buildings
Treasure Chest Bundle
Rope Bridge Bundle
Stylized Crystall Pack
Stylized Nature Collection
Stylized Candle Set
Stilyzed Weapons Bundle
Fantasy Treasure Pack
Simple Houses
Stylized Flora Pack
Futuristic Armor
Stylize Pillars
Fantasy Farm Fence
Jungle Pack
Handpainted Explosives Set
Simple City Constructor
Fantasy Modular Castle