Frequently Asked Questions

Synty Store Questions

How do I download my purchased assets?
How will I receive updates to the assets?
Will I receive an Asset Store / Marketplace voucher if I purchase from the store?
Can I get are refund?
When does the Synty Store have sales?
Can I transfer my assets from another store to the Synty Store?
Can I buy individual assets from a pack?
Do you have discounts for Education?

General Questions

Do you do paid contract/custom work?
Can I use these assets for commercial games?
Custom License for Metaverse?
Custom License for NFT/Blockchain?
Do you have a roadmap for future asset pack releases?
Do the asset packs include animations?
Can I edit the assets?
What applications do you use to create the assets?
Can I have your assets for free?
Can we give you profit share of our game in exchange for free assets?
Do you sell any animals?
Do you take pack suggestions/Ideas?
Do you have any ETA on asset releases?
Can I use your screenshots and trailer for my Kickstarter or game?
Can I sell 2D renders of your assets?

Unity Questions

How do I animate a character in Unity?
How do I import the assets into Unity?
Will the POLYGON Assets run on a mobile?
How do I light my game to look like your screenshots?
Do you assets work with the URP (Universal render pipeline)?

Unreal Questions

Can I get the source files?
How do I import the assets into Unreal?
Do the characters use the Unreal Skeleton?

Other Questions

Can I use your assets in other engines like Godot?
Do you have any tutorials on modeling in Blender?