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Scifi Textures Collection

Sci-fi Textures Collection

We would like to introduce you a Sci-fi Textures Collection that we prepared for you to get acquainted with our collection of hand painted textures.
If you like the textures represented in this small pack and would like to get full collection of our textures, you can purchase

- 85 Unique Sci-fi Textures
- Base Color / Normal / Roughness / Height / Ambient Occlusion included
- Resolution 2048px by 2048px ( work great on 512*512px )
- PNG format
- Hand Painted
- Tillable
- Mobile and PBR ready

This Texture Set is a part of ULTIMATE TEXTURE COLLECTION

Full list of our Hand Painted Textures

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We have the largest collection of textures for games, if you can't find something, just send us a request and we will add texture to our library as soon as possible.